Why Augmented Reality? Or, “Why Invest in the Future of storytelling?”

Augmented Reality (along with Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, AR/VR/XR) is simply an investment in the future.

We love technology. It’s incredible that each of us carries a super computer in our pocket that has more computing power than NASA needed to send a man to the moon and back. And yet while we’re bullish on technology; we’re not bullish on technology for technology’s sake.

Our approach to Augmented Reality specifically, and technology in general falls in line with the increasingly popular notion of “human-centered design.” Stories that leverage technology—the utterly incredible technology at our very fingertips—to give us experiences that we otherwise would never have been able to have had—that’s what gets us excited.

Projects like Terminal 3 are excellent examples of this. In Terminal 3, an augmented reality project which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, one has the ability to be a Border Control agent conduct an interactive interrogation of a hologram. The experience itself is unique as a novelty and from a technological perspective; but makes it magical is the human connection that this technology creates.

That’s why we’re excited about what the future of storytelling holds: AR, Magic Leap, immersive storytelling, location-based entertainment, and so much more.

RD Delgado