Why We Make Documentaries

There’s nothing quite like a good documentary.

Documentaries allow the filmmaker, and subsequently the viewer, intimate access to the life—body, mind and heart—of a subject in a way that few art forms afford.

The best documentaries are like reading a personal letter from one best friend to another. Or being a fly on the wall at an especially eloquent eulogy, or perhaps even pillow talk. The best documentaries, like the best art, teach us something about someone else and teach us something about ourselves in the process.

And what a time to be alive. Never before in the history of documentaries have they been so culturally relevant, so commercially viable, and so permeated society as they are today.

Feature length documentaries, short form docs, Branded Content, docu-style advertising, VR/AR and all number of real, human stories—rarely does one get the opportunity and the privilege to tell and to hear a story in such a way.

There’s a real power in Documentary Storytelling; and it is an art form to which we are thoroughly committed.

RD Delgado