Declaration of Life_

A short documentary about a school in LA revolutionizing the way it educates its students.


 Declaration of Life

How about something different…

The goal for “Declaration of Life” was to provide a “Who We Are, What We Do” video for a legacy organization. The problem with that genre of videos is that they run the risk of saying the same old thing to the same old crowd…in other words, being dreadfully boring.

So in brainstorming for what ultimately became “Declaration of Life,” we wanted it to feel fresh while also taking a moment to say something meaningful about an ever-important topic. We even wanted to tap into that revolutionary vibe present at the birth of this country and at so many of its most trying times.

Our approach was to write a fast-paced and hope-filled script, combine it with dynamic visuals in the form of modern animation styles, and lay the two onto an upbeat music track with an engaging voiceover—all in 3 minutes or less.

Storytelling, as opposed to pure fact-telling, informed the entire work.

So often these types of conversations rapidly devolve into arguments. The approach in “Declaration of Life,” was decidedly one about uniting, rather than dividing people.

After all, life is beautiful. And this isn’t merely a political issue, this is a human issue.

We had a great time on this project and we look forward to doing more.

Contact Info

RD Delgado
Founder - Beggar Kings Entertainment

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